AOE is an acronym for Area of Effect. When a Hero has an AOE ability, it will deal damage, or provide bonuses to a group of targets, instead of a single target.

Hero abilities that are conisdered AOE:
Hero Ability Description
Archer Arrow Rain Shoot a Hail of arrows, dealing 1 hit of normal damage to each enemy on the screen.
Bard Song of Four Heroes Party members in range regenerate (3 + character level / 2) HP per second for 16 seconds.
Bard Barbarian's Battle Song Increase damage and attack speed of party members within range by 10% for 15 seconds.
Bard Iron Song Increase damage resistance of party members within an area by (3 + character level / 3) for 15 seconds.
Bard Dazzling Song Enemies within rangewill be immobilized for 10 seconds.
Bard Restoration Song Instantly complete skill cooldowns for all party members.
Barbarian Whirlwind Instantly attack all nearby enemies 5 times.
Barbarian Sonic Roar Roar and cause 120 damage to enemies in range, stunning them for 5 seconds.
Cleric Healing Circle

Instantly heal all party members for (10 + 4 * character level) HP.

Cleric Exorcism

Turn Undead creatures on the battleground for 7 seconds. Improved Exorcism increases range of Turn Undead.With Advanced Exorcism gives chance to kill undead immediately.

Fighter Taunt Forces enemies in a medium radius to attack the Fighter.