Ring of freedom
Accessories currently only consist of rings. They provide passive bonuses to your heroes. Any Hero can equip any accessory. Sale price is 10% of the cost. Below is a list of known accessories, based on their quality.


Name Cost Passive Ability
[Ring of Protection] Gold coin 500 +1 Defense
[Ring of Protection] Gold coin 1000 +2 Defense
[Ring of Protection] Gold coin 1800 +3 Defense
[Stone of Solitary Souls] Gold coin 2500 +30 MAX HP, -5% Damage Taken (Arena-Only)
[Ring of Regeneration] Gold coin 3000 +2 HP Regeneration
[Untaintable Ring] Gold coin 3000 +6 Poison resist, -5% Damage Taken (Arena-Only)
[Sprite Coil] Gold coin 10000 + 10% movement speed, immobilization immunity
[Demon Band] Gold coin 3000 +4 Defense
[Ring of Freedom] Gold coin 5000 Immobilization Immunity, -6% Damage Taken (Arena-Only)
[Shielding Brooch] Gold coin 6000 +6 Physical Resist
[Ring of Illumination] Gold coin 52000 Immunity to Instant Death, 15% Attack Speed
[Elven Ether Talisman] Gold coin 15000 15% Chance to Dodge damage
[Stalker's Ring] Gold coin 16500 20% Attack Speed, +10% Movement Speed
[Forest Oath] Gold coin 135000 +30 MAX HP, +20% chance to ignore ranged weapons, Immunity to Instant Death, +3 HP regenration
[Demigod Ring] Gold coin 20000 +2 Defense +4 HP Regeneration. +5 Physical Resist
[Ruler's Ring] Gold coin 150000 Trip Immunity, +20% Movement Speed, +4 HP Regeneration, -12% Damage Taken (Arena-only)
[Trinity Band] Gold coin 160000 50% chance to deal +13 fire damage, Immobilization immunity, +4 HP Regeneration, -14% damage taken

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