Archer icon
The Archer is a ranged class that deals physical damage. This class sacrifices Defense and HP for high damage output at a distance.


Barbarian icon
A melee fighter, the Barbarian class is adept at dealing high amounts of damage by dual wielding weapons. Has the ability to dual wield, and provide AOE damage.


Bard icon
The Bard buffs party members in range with beneficial auras, such as increased attack damage and attack speed, increased defense, and healing health quickly over time.


Cleric icon

The Cleric provides sustained single-target healing to your party, while offering some unique abilities to ensure your team's victory.


Fighter icon

The Fighter is a damage soaker with the ability to dish out some impressive damage as well. It is a human or a fire elf.


Firemage icon

The Mage offers high sustained and burst magic damage at the price of low HP and Defense. Their fire-based spells can quickly decimate opponents, while doing damage to those around their targets as well.


Summoner icon
The Summoner can aid the party by summoning up to 3 (or 5 with the Double Summon ability) monsters on the field, ranging from skeletons at lower levels all the way to powerful golems at higher levels. In addition, they can debuff, or weaken the enemy.

Elite Fighter

Legendary Icon

The Elite Fighter can either be hired in the tavern for 70,000 gold or obtained by fighting him on the map. Once you have hired the Legendary Hero as your main character, he is the only one available to use in the party. This is offset by the fact that his skill tree contains a combination of most of the abilities of the other Heroes except Summoner.


Shaman icon

The Shaman can be hire for 150,000 gold and its only can be hire and bought. The Shaman summons totems that aid him in battle. These totems help in battle through various ways, including damaging enemies, greatly debuffing them, and healing himself.