• Critical Strikes done by Barbarian and Cleric
  • Critical Strike done by Fighter.
These strikes deal twice the amount of normal attacks. It can only be triggered through auto attacks. All heroes and even monsters can critically hit. Critical attacks are distinguished as the stronger/greater damage inside yellow explosion thingies (see picture on the right). Cleric's critical hits are recognizable only as high amounts of healing. There are some heroes who can enhance their critical strike chances through skills, these heroes are Fighter with its skill, Two-handed Weapon Proficiency, the Barbarian with its skill, Axe Proficiency, and finally the Archer with its skill, Bow Proficiency. Take note that the ability only enhances critical strikes if the required weapon is used and there is also a hard cap of 25%. Critical strikes may however be diminished through items with Damage Reduction ability, most often are Arena items. Be also aware that even if you have a very high chance to critically hit, your main Hit Rate should also be at normal rate. What's the use of high critical damage if you can't even properly hit the enemy/target?

Critical Hit Rate

Critical Hit Rate or Critical Chance is the percentage of how often your normal attacks will critically hit. There are numerous weapons that could boost the odds. Critical chance can stack by the way. The higher the critical chance, the greater the frequency your attacks/healing will be. I provided a roster of items which consist of Critical Hit Rate enhancement.


[Bloodlust Blade] +10%
[Sword of Agony] +30%
[Avatar Blade] +35%


[Axe of Cleaving] +15%
[Arena Axe] +25%
[Sacrilegious Axe] +10%
[Frenzy Hatchet] +12%
[Golden Crescent] +20%


[Iron Fist] +10%
[Headsplitter] +20%


[Magma Staff] +25%
[Archmage Staff] +40%
[Candycane Staff] +40%
[Raconteur's Staff] +30%


[Charlee's Aim] +15%

Critical Weapon Damage

Just when you thought that critical damage can only be as is, it can further be improved! Increasing your damage will also increase the critical damage dealt. There are specific weapons that can boost damage and the damage done by critical attacks. Note that Weapon's Critical Damage is different from Weapon Damage Deal but gradually enhances Critical Damage dealt. Just like before, I provided the items there below.

Weapon's Critical Damage


[Axe of Cleaving] +20%
[Sacrilegious Axe] +20%
[Frenzy Hatchet] +25%

Weapon's Damage Deal/Damage


[Double-edged Dagger] +12%

1-Handed Swords

[Void Blade] +6%
[Rimewind] +12%

2-Handed Swords

[Frostfire] +25%(Weapon's Damage Deal) +10% (Damage)


Note: % healing also counts as % damage

[The Arbiter] +30% +13%(arena-only)

[Candycane Staff] +80%

[Canticle Staff] +150%

[Raconteur's Staff] +35%


[Oakling Bow] +10%
[Spirit Bow] +15%
[Charlee's Aim] +13%

Notes to Remember

The critical damage can be affected by different things like the damage the item provides or the skill the hero possess. The frequency could also be affected by simple abilities like Attack Speed and Hit Rate.

Skills That Enhance Critical Strike

  • Archer's Bow Proficiency, Man/Undead/Golem/Ogre Slayer, Magic Arrows, Flaming Arrows, Expert Slayer and Eagle Eye skill.
  • Barbarian's Rage, Axe/Two-handed Weapon Proficiency, Dual Wield and Heroic Spirit skill.
  • Bard's Heroic Spirit, Barbarian's Battle Song and Daggers/Scimitars/Clubs Proficiency skill.
  • Cleric's Healing Proficiency skill.
  • Elite Fighter's Axe/Blunt/Two-handed Weapon Proficiency, Man/Undead/Golem/Ogre Slayer, Rage and Dual Wield skill.
  • Fighter's Axe/Blunt/Sword/Two-handed Weapon Proficiency Dual Wield, Cleave and Fast Learner skill.
  • Firemage's Improved Burning and Fire Proficiency skill.
  • Shaman's Totem of Wrath and Totemic Might skill.
  • Summoner's Staff Mastery skill.