The current world consists of the Heroes starting home, and 13 boss castles. As your group of heroes moves through the world, they will be engaged in Random Battles . Specific quests, as well as camps will also be available at random on the map.

Notable locations


13 Bosses reside in the 13 castles. They increase in difficulty as each new boss is challenged. These bosses can be repeatedly challeneged to collect their loot (known as farming). in general, the higher level you are, the better it is to stay in the current area, and adjacent levels.


Quests show up on your map as a black skull and crossbones icon. These fights are generally more difficult, but provide a better reward and experience bonus.


Camps allow you to challenge and recruit new Heroes into your team.Though you have to fight a few waves of enemys before you encounter the hero you can recruit.

Mysterious Chasm

The Mysterious Chasm is located on the middle-right of the map. This is a high level area, where increased money and loot is earned. Multiple waves of enemies (including lower level bosses) may spawn. Level ranges from 51-81.

Survival Mode

Survival mode can be activated by traveling to the bottom-right of the map, and walking onto the blue banner. This mode allows you to challenge unlimited waves of enemies, including bosses. As you progress through each wave you have the chance to unlock better gear. You can find a list of survival mode gear on the armor page.