Monsters are the enemies that you encounter throughout the game. These enemies appear in camps, quests, and boss fights.


Goblins are one of the more common enemies you face. Generally melee fighters, they can come equipped with a range of armor and equipment.


Mummies are melee monsters, found in Survival Mode. They have low defense, usually have dual daggers, attack very face, and have high Attack Speed. They are often grouped up with trolls.They, along with skeletons, are affected by the Cleric's exorcism. Mummies are considered a rare monster (found in few battles.)


Very similar to goblins , orcs are a bit more flexible with weapons, but don lighter armor. They focus on melee, but occasionally have ranged attacks. They attack often with goblins



One of the more powerful of normal enemies, trolls carry massive Swords have very high hit points and do not stop attacking their intended target until they die, or are Taunted in some way (e.g. Charge). They generally appear along with mummies, making them the one of the harder monsters to fight. Two trolls appear as a double boss, they are actually about the same strength as ones in the wild (over level 15 or so), and can use the rage and shield wall abilities. Trolls are affected by the archer class's passive skill ogre slayer.

Two-headed Ogres

These ogres carry clubs, and wear heavy armor. They focus attacks on the first person to come into range, rather than a specific target. Ogres with the barbaric horns helmet can sometimes use the trip and rage skill. Two-headed ogres deal much more damage than most normal enemies but lack high attack speed. They are affected by the archer class's passive ogre slayer skill.


Skeletons are the most frequent enemy you will face on your adventures. They spawn in every combination of class, armor, and equipment possible. These enemies can be affected by skills such as a Cleric's Exorsism.


These enemies are equipped with nearly any weapon and armor combination. They are very common in survival mode, and in the Mysterious Chasm. These enemies also come in all forms of classes. They CAN USE SKILLS.


Evil elves that can either come together, or with humans. They mainly come with bows and arrows, along with simple robes, or daggers and similar apparel. Some of them CAN USE SKILLS. They have high speed, low defense, and average other stats.

Frost Skeletons

These are much tougher than normal skeletons and are resistant to cold damage. They appear as minions for the ice golem boss and as enemies in the wild. Some of these skeletons can use skills. They are equipped with either magic bows, one-handed swords or staffs.