The following are the playable races in the game. See the Monster page for a list of enemies.


Humans are the most broad class, allowing them to fulfil almost all roles.

Available roles: Archer, Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Mage

  • The first Fighter you have is a human
  • This Cleric, which is your first one in the game is a human too
  • This...
  • ... and this Archer are human as well.
  • The Elite Fighter (formerly: Legendary Hero) is also human

Wood Elves

Wood Elves are swift and subtle, and have a unique style. They provide a more limited range of roles:

Available roles: Archer, Bard, Fighter


Orcs are a powerful race, but only offer 1 role.

Available role: Barbarian


- There are different versions of playable races (most notable the humans) - Humans can have fire hair and red skin and are often referred to as "fire folk" -There are also green-skinned humans that most fans referred to as "Zombies"