Who here likes arena mode? OK, nobody except the top players and hackers. Why is this? The people you face are to darn hard. Right now I am looking at the profile of a player named yesperson, who is level 31 and is ranked 369 in arena mode. I have wasted dozens of challenges on him (or her) and he still is the only person standing between me and that tier three prize. He has a fighter, fire mage, cleric and archer. Equipment is as follows:

Fighter: Truesilver Blade +8, Frenzy Hatchet +8 (off hand), Stalker's Ring (x2), Holiday Boots, Demonic Skull, and Rainbow Plate +3.

Fire Mage: Archmage Staff +8,Stalker's Ring (x2), Holiday Boots, Flame Cowl, and Winter Robe.

Cleric: Canticle Staff, Demigod Ring, Ruler's Ring, Holiday Boots, Blessed Skufia, and Winter Robe.

Archer: Spirit Bow +8, Stalker's Ring (x2), Soultread, Demonic Skull, and Winter Robe.

I just became level 31, and this guy is infinitely better than me. And yesperson isn't even the best person I have been forced to face. Arena would be a lot easier if Triniti let the top 1% of players fight each other and keep the average Joes out of their way. Oh, and one last thing; Yesperson, if you are reading this, please take all your equipment off your amazingly powerful heroes so I can crush your soul.

Whodamanj 17:33, June 12, 2012 (UTC)Whodamanj